Princesa Ai

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Cortney Love, D. J. Milky
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Prevzem v Ljubljani ali po pošti. Mobitel: 051-394-717 Lanzarote is an island that, due to the wonderful climate of the Canary Islands, perfectly combines the classic tourism of sun and beach with the fusion of nature and outdoor activities. For travelers visiting Puerto Princesa, Ai World Park and Resorts is an excellent choice for rest and rejuvenation.

Govori o skrivnostni princesi, ki se znajde sredi Tokia, kjer živi dvojno življenje Zemljanke in odposlanke Dežele Ai. Ai World Palawan Ai World Palawan, the only mountain park and resort in the province of Palawan, is 30 minute away from Puerto Princesa International Airport and city proper situated in the highlands of Bacungan, Puerto Princesa City. The 8.5 hectare property is encompassed by a verdant mountain range, an ideal place to escape the hustle and ... Princesa Ai.