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Becoming World: Probing Hybridity in Postmodern American Fiction provides a particularly creative and wide– ranging set of lenses on contemporary U.S. fiction, which in turn should inspire more critical inquiries on the subject. The book convincingly demonstrates that our own era is marked by literary eclectism; hybrid fictions employ a wide variety of approaches, present conflicting viewpoints, and blend media and technological forms. (Lisa Botshon)

But the book is more than a great planning guide. Through penetrating discussions and reflective questions, the author offers a gateway to personal transformation and a ... BECOMING A WORLD-SAVER: A THEORY OF CONVERSION TO A DEVIANT PERSPECTIVE * JOHN LOFLAND RODNEY STARK University of Michigan University of California, Berkeley Materials derived from observation of a West Coast millenarian cult are employed to de-velop a "value-added" model of the conditions under which conversion occurs.

The times in which our generation lives are not ordinary times. We dwell on the interface between two worlds —a world as it was and a world as it is meant to be.